15 Oct 2011


At one of the recent RECLAIM WALL STREET rallies Deepak Chopra was interviewed by an Aljazeera correspondent. I can't now find the clip but he rephrased Gandhi's words to say " We are the change". (At least, the saying "Be the change you want to see" is widely associated with Gandhi). It then occurred to me that perhaps this could be a useful banner under which each of us in our villages or towns could promote DM ideas and visions- eg We Are The Change- Feniton, We Are The Change- Bideford etc.One nice aspect of this logo is that you can put the emphasis either on the "Are" or on the "Change" to slant the meaning.

I recently attended a Buddhist meditation session during which a discussion of the concept of "the self-cherishing mind" was held. After the meeting had finished small groups remained outside the meeting room continuing the exchange of ideas.It occurred to me then that there seemed to be a wider thirst to air such ideas and thoughts but that no such opportunities existed- certainly few or none in rural areas.

Ultimately, we all have to accept that, regardless what rallies or demonstrations are held to protest against this government or that policy, the buck rests with each of us. Politicians will not solve the world's problems, no more than scientists or technology will solve climate change. That is not to say I am opposed to rallies or demos- they are vital to highlight issues, raise our morale and foster confidence amongst individuals and support networks etc. But we can't escape the responsibility that rests with each of us.

At a recent discussion on the poor record of treatment of the elderly in hospitals, Joan Bakewell lamented the decline of moral values that stressed the importance of love, kindness and empathy- which she had learned at Sunday School.and in her church. I don't want to see the return of such religions with all their implications but we do need to encourage wider individual spirituality. And this can only spring from the individual, and cannot be imposed by anyone or from anywhere else.

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  1. "Springing from the individual" is the big story here, I agree.
    And add to this the need for "confederations of individuals" taking on the responsibility for carrying forward the remnants of love, kindness and empathy, that our civilisation has so fecklessly abandoned.